I walk with the name Hymnj; I am a contemporary medicine man, spiritual teacher and father.

I facilitate peak transcendental experiences of the primal and the divine, awakening higher state of consciousness and awareness to access flow, presence and greatness in people’s lives. I invoke, I empower and I hold space.

I specialise in unique and bespoke contemporary shamanic offerings, which include sacred plant medicine ceremonies, primal breath-work, sacred song & sound healing and integrative wise counselling. Through these tools I hold space for people’s life and spiritual initiations. My passion is working with those who are genuinely seeking to shift their lives, unfold their highest potential from a spiritual context into an actualised reality, and in the process bring abut a New Earth.

What I have come to understand through my life’s work is that what ultimately shapes our living experience and our future are not just the actual events and actions that have occurred but more significantly how we have narratively framed them. What makes us humans beings powerfully unique is that we are essentially story tellers. There are a myriad of ways we can tell our life stories; it’s all a matter of how they are edited and related to from our perspective. Spiritual awakening as such is all about gaining the most optimal narrative perspective of what our existence is really about and then living into it. Our personal story-telling is so determinative that the expression of our life force, the vitality of our bodies, the joy and love of our hearts, the quality of our relationships are either constrained or liberated by our narrative perspectives. Suffering cannot not exist without story. Generational cycles are ultimately passed down or broken through story. Story is not just how we make sense of our world, it is how we create, invoke and affect it.  Stories are the medium through which we derive our meaning (positive or negative) and which generates our sense of worthiness. This, in turn, has everything to do with our capacity to self-regulate, manifest and act powerfully in life. Our reality is constantly being weaved through our stories – the question is simply whether we are doing it consciously or unconsciously. People who live wholehearted and extraordinary lives are masterfully authentic story-tellers. This is why I call the red thread of my life’s work ‘story-healing’, for it is the sacred human art of re-crafting our future by understanding and consciously choosing how it is we want to meet our death. In its essence, it is the nature of what I believe our souls will remember about our life’s journey, and the ancestral echoes that we will leave behind in the hearts and minds of others.

Over a decade ago, I walked away from a very lucrative and successful career as an award-winning theatre director/writer/producer in a quest for the holy grail of transformation and embodied manifestation. On the outside it looked as though I was living a life many people dream of; I was earning great money, touring the world, and working on my own terms. But there was something inauthentic, pretentious and even lifeless about my existence, and it was burning me out. I was living in a small story, which gave the illusion of seeming big. My new quest took me on a journey to the ashrams of India, had me training for a number of years with two of the top personal transformational organisations before I encountered sacred plant medicine ceremonies. Many years earlier, I experienced a deep spiritual stirring when I encountered Eckhart Tolles’ teachings, which brought about a fundamental shift in my psyche and set in motion a domino-like chain of events. It was during a very unique Ayahuasca retreat called the Gathering of Tribes held in a river bed below the magical Spitzkoppe mountains in Nambia (my country of birth) that I had a spiritual awakening and calling. The experience was so profound and terrifying, and it literally changed the course of my entire life. I experienced the death of self and an existential paradigm shift in how I perceived the world and who I was in it. It was as if someone had taken the roof off the prison around which I had defined my entire existence. I saw the Universe in its entirety and I had many conversations with God. Words fail to describe the magnitude and vastness of what I then perceived and experienced as my voice opened up like a volcano of divine light and I felt magnificent energies speaking through me. The medicines called me so strongly to service – there was no choice but to follow this shamanic path with my entire being. 

I have since been walking this path, guided step by step, year by year through the challenging and also extremely beautiful terrain of self discovery and healing. It’s been a rough and confronting ride working through my identity of stories. During this time I experienced a very tumultuous marriage and divorce as well as my business partnership which ended on less than amicable terms. I had to relinquish so many of the comforts, security and associations that I once identified with. There were times where I lived in my garage, renting out my apartment in order to make it through the months. It was a masterclass in forgiveness and surrender yet nothing made more sense to me and I have felt guided and held every step of the way.

In a journey of a few hundred of deep diving ceremonies over the years I have since faced hair-raising initiations and manifested powerful contracts forged in the sacred ceremonial fires. Each contract I have manifested into the world through the projects and endeavours I have weaved and initiated, from healing the sacred masculine and confronting the toxic culture of gender based violence through the Just Men project, to guiding people through the pathways of radical forgiveness in the Journey of Stones and birthing the contemporary  shamanic community that is Wake Circle. 

In this medicine work I have been called to train in, I have held demons in my arms until they surrendered to loving tenderness and sobbed like babies. I have sat in the holiest inner sanctum of Gods temple and witnessed the unfolding of multidimensional worlds and dimensions that have left me speechless for days. Tears of joy and wonder have rolled down my cheeks as my heart has opened in ways I never dreamed. My eyes have glimpsed the absolute wonder of this universe in ways my mind in reflection can now barely comprehend. Many times I have conversed directly with my spirit father whose face dwells in a skyward constellation of Orion. I have felt the energies of an ancient tiger like spirit moving, growling and singing through my body. The ancestors I have channeled and received messages from are strange inter-dimensional beings who do medicine and energetic healing work in various realms and worlds.

What I describe clumsily in words merely scratches the surface of the realities that I have perceived and the portals I have accessed. From these initiations, my soul’s calling to sing, channel messages and to fully embrace the role of being a spiritual father has emerged with the chant of two syllables: Hymn Jay (Victory of God’s song) This is my life story re-birthed.

I now live in an entirely different paradigm of existence and a distinctly different type of abundance flows in my life. I have become a father to the most beautiful and wondrous being I have ever laid my eyes on. I have a gorgeous sacred feminine partner who is the most phenomenal mother to our little girl. I have taken custodianship of a humble but magical piece of land to create our home and temple not just for my new family but to unfold our collective medicine calling. I am doing the work that I absolutely love and was always meant to do for I get to hold sacred space for people’s life and spiritual initiations and get to sing channeled heart songs that transform lives and reignites the flame of divine presence in their eyes.

Integrating all this into my human experience is not without daily difficulties or challenges, I do not ever seek to claim any mantle of enlightenment, of being a shaman nor a guru. I am a man simply learning to be human, battling my shadows and minding my triggers like everyone else. What I do know with my entire being is that I am in the right place, following my spiritual path step by small step, doing exactly I am meant to be doing. One day when I do transition, I will leave this earth deeply satisfied knowing I have spent my life force well. I find myself  at the point in my life now where there is nothing prove, no validation to seek, no permission slip to earn, only to savour this magical life I am living, to unfold my mission and serve as I am guided. 

I get to live in profound gratitude for the wonders I have experienced in this physical body and the difference I get to make in peoples lives and it is this possibility that I want to share with others through my music, my counselling and my medicine work. I believe that it is never too late to change the very course of one’s life and for that matter the entire course of this world when we are willing take charge of our core stories. I believe that each of us has a spiritual calling and soul mission to unfold and that we will live restless and conflicted lives until we find and authentically meet it. Transformation, evolution, embodiment, awakening is an inevitability for each and every one of us, much like a train heading to a destination, when we are ready and willing it is simply up to us as to get on board.

I know and trust that those people that I need to work with, those who are ready to take on their lives will be guided to me at the right time. If one day our paths cross, I looking forward to our meeting that we may receive each other through the eyes of our souls.