Private Changa Sessions

with Hymnj

Pricing & Bookings

A private Changa session lasts approximately two hours. Value exchange begins @ R1750 pp for a solo consultation and R1500pp for couples. Sessions take place at our private coaching space at the Sun Temple near Simons Town, Cape Town.

Small private group session are R950 pp for groups of four people or more, these can be held in an appropriate location of choice. Connect with me on the link below for bookings and enquiries. 

Invoking the Inner Oracle

From the South, we call upon the inner shaman, whom we reverently address as the Oracle, the Seer, or the Great Guide. We seek to awaken our third eye and hearts to a profound understanding, insight, creativity, and divine vision. In these exclusive and intimate sessions, you will be expertly led to connect with this formidable teacher, where life-altering transformations and profound revelations can unfold within a remarkably brief span. The Changa experience is often likened to being thrust into the pinnacle of an Ayahuasca journey, only to be swiftly returned to reality. It’s a challenge to find words that aptly describe what individuals witness, experience, and connect with, as it greatly hinges on one’s cultural and experiential framework.

Changa holds a special place among entheogenic medicines for me, as it provides a brief yet profound communion with higher consciousness, facilitating rapid reintegration into our daily lives. It serves as a conduit for us to reconnect, remember, and open ourselves to divine downloads and insights. For those new to the realm of plant medicine, Changa offers a captivating introduction. Although the experience lasts no more than ten minutes, the afterglow, marked by deep reflection and processing, can endure for up to forty minutes. This window offers an enchanting opportunity to journal or meditate, allowing your awareness to be gently guided. During our session, you will have the chance to engage the sacrament up to three times. The entire ceremony session spans approximately two hours.

Holding the Space of Changa

Given the brevity and intensity of this experience, the facilitation, setting, and the container we establish hold paramount significance. Every subtlety of sound, vibration, and intention takes on profound meaning and resonance. Upon entering our ceremonial space, we commence with a smudging ritual, collectively create our sacred container, and discuss the medicine’s nature and how to navigate it before commencing the ceremony. The sacrament is ingested only after ensuring everyone is fully at ease and secure. Subsequently, the space is gently and subtly guided through an exquisite auditory journey involving vocal sounds, evocative instruments, and moments of silence, itself a potent form of medicine.

As is common with any potent entheogenic substance, the potential for a challenging journey or reception of difficult messages is acknowledged, and we embrace it, for it is within these moments that essential inner work transpires. There is ample space for post-experience processing using Oracle cards and the guidance of experienced integration counselors.

These sessions offer a unique opportunity to delve deeply into visionary realms, acquiring swift insights into our lives and the world.


The Medicine of Changa or Xanga

Changa is a relatively new phenomenon invented by an Australian named Julian Palmer in the early 2000s. Changa’s popularity has continued to grow worldwide due to its ease of smoking, more powerful effects and longer duration.

 It is essentially a smoked version of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) which is the active ingredient responsible for the visions experienced in Ayahuasca; this experience is significantly shorter, more vivid and more intense than an Ayahuasca journey. It is understood that DMT is naturally produced by the pineal gland in the brain, which secretes small quantities when we sleep to induce dreaming and floods the brain with DMT when we are born and die. In a safely guided ceremonial space, the DMT experience creates a profound opportunity to consciously navigate our capacity for intuition, divination and spiritual connection. As with many entheogenic medicines, it offers us the opportunity to ‘die before we die’ to get a brief glimpse of what lies beyond the veil. 

 The Changa I specifically work with consists of DMT made from the Jurema plant, which I work with in combination with the Blue Lotus flower, considered one of the highest vibrational plants on the planet. 

 The important thing to keep in mind is that DMT naturally occurs in our brains, so it is not harmful in any way. The MOA in our body breaks it down in our bloodstream very quickly. The only thing to be aware of is that it is specifically smoked, which means that to get the full effect of the medicine, we need to draw the smoke properly and deeply into our lungs. For people who have never smoked, this can sometimes be challenging and requires a little practice.

 Recent studies done with Changa have also shown it to potentially have a long-lasting analgesic effect with pain reduction, particularly around musculoskeletal pain and even headaches. As Changa is a relatively new invention, much is yet to be revealed. 







Preparing for Changa

To derive the utmost value from any plant medicine ceremony and ensure a safe journey, it is imperative that we approach ourselves and the medicine with profound humility and reverence. To this end, we prepare our bodies as if embarking on a deep prayer, ridding them of impurities and toxins that could hinder our full presence. We strongly recommend adhering to a healthy vegetarian diet in the 48 hours leading up to our session.

It is absolutely crucial that you refrain from the use of any intoxicating substances, such as marijuana or alcohol, for at least 48 hours prior to our meeting. Furthermore, please notify me in advance of the ceremony if you are taking any potent medications, particularly those with mood-altering effects like SSRIs. If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to ask.

On the day of our session, we advise wearing comfortable attire that allows you to sit on the floor or lie down with ease. It is also beneficial to bring a journal to aid in your process. For retreats or outdoor events, unless otherwise specified, please bring a yoga mat or a cloth for reclining and a cushion for head support.

Above all else, the most essential items to bring are simply yourself, an open heart, and an open mind.

Pricing & Bookings

A private Changa session lasts approximately two hours. Value exchange begins @ R1750 pp for a solo consultation. Sessions take place at my private coaching space at the Sun Temple near Simons Town, Cape Town.

Small private group session are R950 pp for groups of four people or more, these can be held in an appropriate location of choice. Connect with me on the link below for bookings and enquiries. I look forward to hearing from you!