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“There comes a point in our lives when we get tired of telling the same old story about how we got our bruises and why are are like we are. This is usually the sign that we are ready to reinvent ourselves.’

Sessions with Hymnj

I work with those who are navigating a significant transition or initiation in their lives, those wanting to find & explore their creative and intuitive voice or those seeking to unfold their greater purpose through their spiritual practice, relationships or business.

My mission is to create a world of divine presence and greatness by invoking, empowering and holding space. ​Whether it is doing shadow healing work with you or birthing your purpose statement, the crux of what I do in these sessions is story healing. Only when we can authentically own every part of our story can we truly become present, and likewise only when we are willing to take on becoming the author of our life story are we able to truly step into our greatness. In these sessions, I hold the space of coach, spiritual teacher and wise counsellor.

I work from the basis that each of us has the innate wisdom, clarity and healing that we need for our lives, it is just a question of unlocking and awakening our own inner technology. Sacred plant medicines and other shamanic tools can play a powerful role in accessing this capacity and these sessions are about guiding, integrating and assisting you to embody these understandings into your practical existence.

I offer powerful once-off healing/counselling sessions which can also involve breath work, sound healing and light medicine work as the calling comes.

I offer a program of hour-long sessions for a journey of either four or eight sessions where we unfold a process toward an intended goal.

I also mentor those who are unfolding their calling and career on the healing, shamanic or conscious activism path.

Sessions take place either online on Zoom/ Skype or at my coaching cabin in Welcome Glen near Simonstown. Apart from the once-off counselling sessions I work with a select number of committed coaching clients, mainly but not exclusively, in conjunction with my ceremony work. This lends a more personal quality to our coaching interactions and creates the space for our process work to go infinitely deeper. Safety, trust and non-judgment are the core values of the container I hold.

My greatest joy has been supporting and witnessing the magical growth of clients that I work with, many of whom have now become the extended family of the Wake Circle community.

Private Sessions Cost

Once-off Session: (One hour)

ZAR 850  


GBP 40

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“A wholehearted thank you for the sessions. I felt met, grounded, guided and held throughout, which has allowed me to begin feeling my bearings and how to take action. It has been a gift.”


Hymnj’s coaching is phenomenal. I can not explain the difference I feel in how I relate to the world, the people around me and myself. From feeling lost to being so at home in myself.


Hymnj holds a deep space of love and acceptance which allowed one to open up and explore aspects of oneself that are otherwise unable to access. He assisted me in rising to my full power in choosing how my I want my life to unfold and living as my authentic self. He does some amazing stuff with a powerful forgiveness pathway and shadow work. I can not emphasize enough that his main work is bringing back power to yourself and he does this by never having opinion of what you do, no judgment, only love. I highly recommend Heinrich if you are dealing with difficult emotions, integration, dealing with difficult relationships, not living a life that brings you joy, or looking to make big changes and just need a strong hand to hold through it all.


“Through Hymnj’s coaching I was and still am able to address things that I have been powerless to for decades, thank you for the safe space you provide.”


“I was able to be honest and vulnerable because of Hymnj’s nature. He is a nurturer and knows how to help one navigate their emotional hide and seek


Hymnj’s ability to hold space and explore those difficult things I was not able to find peace with, is a skill not many coaches have.You have made such a difference in my life, I finally know self-love”


I do believe I have met in you a bodhisattva, someone who has dedicated their time and energy to helping others, Someone I can trust, and open up about the things I feel most vulnerable about to. You have not imposed any rigorous agenda on me … In your responses to me, I felt understood, and the perspective you have given me has been gentle, and yet at the same time challenging.”