“Que mi medicina me cure es la medicina de todos- May the medicine that cures me, be the medicine for all” Peia

Why Plant Medicine Ceremony?


Among the various transformational modalities and practices I have experienced, sacred plant medicine teacher ceremonies have unquestionably been the most powerful catalyst for spiritual awakening and unlocking the most significant doors and pathways to presence and greatness. The alchemical union of sacred sound and plant medicine has profoundly transformed my life. Story-healing is my core practice, and it is through my interactions with plant medicine teachers that I have essentially been able to reclaim and rewrite my entire life story.

There is certainly truth in the notion that you can accomplish the work of months of therapy in a single night of a well-guided plant medicine ceremony. Each one of us in our lives walks through a maze filled with distraction, misdirection, and attachment—a labyrinth where there comes a point when we feel called to find our way back home to truth, connection, healing, remembrance, and oneness. With these medicines, we step completely out of that maze for a few hours or minutes to stand on the top of the proverbial mountain and glimpse the grand picture of our existence, perceiving through the eyes of the Universe itself. They take us swiftly to the heart of the matter by bringing us into direct awareness of our deeper emotions, shadows, blind spots, and direct communion with spirit, Mother Nature, ancestors, and God. This can be profound, life-changing, and transformative.

As with anything, great power comes with great responsibility. These plant medicine teachers, with their extraordinary access to our inner being, can be misused and distorted if not approached with absolute reverence, humility, understanding, and distinction. The space of firm boundaries, authenticity, high vibration, wisdom, and grace that any such medicine facilitator must be able to hold is as significant as the medicine itself. Likewise, the integration process after one’s journey is most important, as these medicines do not miraculously fix you; they merely open the door to the potential of who you are, both light and dark. The teachings of the medicines need to be honored with the rigorous work and mindful action that follows. Without question, the participants who get the most value and life-changing shifts from their plant medicine experience are the ones who follow up with proactive interventions such as integration coaching, transformational workshops, talking circles, and practices like meditation, journaling, yoga, prayer, and creativity therapies.

My facilitation process has evolved over a decade of holding ceremonies with individuals and large, diverse groups. It also brings together a lifetime of experience working with people’s emotional journeys and personal stories. The ceremonies I facilitate are a blend of ancient shamanic practices, channeled lyrics, and medicine music, which I combine with contemporary transformational and spiritual teachings. My medicine lies in the distinction of holding profoundly safe and authentic spaces—hence, we say in our work, ‘the safer the space, the deeper the work.’ This medicine of holding a safe space is the foundation upon which Wake Circle, our medicine community, has been founded and continues to grow and thrive. In this community, there is a level of radical authenticity and responsibility that goes hand in hand with a vastly expanded paradigm for perceiving our reality.

Private Ceremony with Hymnj

Private bespoke medicine ceremonies are offered for those who wish to experience a powerfully guided sacred plant medicine experience in a confidential and impeccably held setting. Whether one’s quest is for specialised healing or simply to have the security and peace of mind that privacy can offer – this is your dedicated ceremony for yourself or your group. From the quality sacred medicines themselves to the highly experienced facilitation, the live healing medicine music, the beautiful location and the nutritious organic food, these ceremonies are intentionally designed around the calling of individual healing needs. In this deeply safe, dogma-free container of non-judgement, we are guided to dive deep into our inner spaces to set ourselves free from any burdens, hurts or limiting beliefs that rob us our innate connection to peace, primal well-being, creativity and our divinity. Private ceremonies for individuals or couples are hosted at our Sun Temple home in Simonstown District. Group ceremonies can be hosted at a suitable venue, including indoor and outdoor spaces.

For private ceremony bookings, please message me by clicking the icon below or email me on You will be sent a detailed breakdown of the ceremony offerings, and we will set up a Zoom call to discuss your intentions and have your questions answered.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Wake Circle is a contemporary shamanic community in Southern Africa, co-founded by Hymnj, that facilitates initiations of transformation through the holding of sacred medicine circles. We host a range of powerful group shamanic programs including plant medicine ceremonies, breath-work sessions, coaching, song circles, transformation workshops and conscious social events.